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China's packaging industry status quo and future trends
China is the second largest packaging power in the world with an annual industrial output value of more than 1.2 trillion yuan. The output of major products ranks the first in the world, forming a wide range of industries including packaging materials, paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood and ceramic packaging products, packaging and printing, machinery and Scientific research, education, design and other categories of modern packaging industry system. Among the 42 industrial sectors in the national economy, the total output value of the packaging industry rose to the 14th from the penultimate place in the 1980s; the share of total social output rose from 0.4% in the 1980s to the present level of 3 %, Become the pivotal industry in the national economy.
Packaging is not only an important part of China's industry, but also closely related to people's daily life. With the economic development, over-packaging waste resources and undermining the environment; small-scale enterprises, low-tech products and other issues are also increasingly prominent. Xu Guanhua, member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the high-tech, standardized and environmentally-friendly development of the industry is imminent.

  There are mainly small-scale and low-level redundant construction in the domestic packaging industry, with low industrial concentration. The packaging products have few varieties, low quality and low technical contents. The product structure is unreasonable. The main high-grade packaging equipment and raw and auxiliary materials are heavily dependent on imports. In particular, The leading medium and high-end packaging materials, machinery (food and beverage packaging, plastic film, etc.) representing the frontier of packaging technology are still monopolized by the developed countries in Europe, the United States and Japan; the less R & D spending on packaging technology and the lack of innovation ability; and the low recycling rate of packaging waste.
  With economic development, the market demand for packaging products is increasing, the demand for the packaging industry is also getting higher and higher. At the same time, the global resources, energy shortage, the price gradually increased, China's packaging industry has entered a high-cost era. To better solve the above problems, to achieve the high-tech, international, standardized and environmentally friendly development of the industry, improve the international competitiveness of products ... ... all put forward higher requirements for the packaging industry, change is imminent.
Throughout the development history, a considerable part of China's packaging enterprises through technological transformation, introduction, boutique design and development, to achieve technological innovation, there are many packaging companies, have not found an innovation path; even some of the enterprises that have achieved technological innovation, but also lack of Ongoing innovation, once technological innovations are imitated by competitors, they are again in trouble. At present, the independent innovation capability of China's packaging enterprises is still weak and the production technology and products are relatively backward. Therefore, improving the ability of technological innovation and improving the innovation mechanism are the key points to promote the development of China's packaging industry in the decades and even longer period of history.

   China National Packaging Corporation as China's packaging industry's large-scale central enterprises, to promote China's packaging industry continued steady and healthy development, enhance the overall competitiveness of the packaging industry has played an important role. China Packaging Corporation of science and technology research and development centers and innovative service agencies - "Zhongguo Research Institute" was established, will promote China's packaging standards reached the international advanced level, provide sufficient motivation. More importantly, it plays a positive role in enhancing the level and quality of international cooperation in the packaging industry in our country, making full use of international resources in science and technology, and improving innovation capabilities.
At present, we need to pay special attention to several issues in the technological innovation of China's packaging industry. The first is to accelerate the packaging materials, technology,
Design, material manufacturing of key equipment, other types of packaging machinery research and innovation, from packaging power to the packaging powerhouse to move forward.
Specifically, according to the important features and comparative advantages of China's packaging industry, we adopt different development strategies in different technical fields. In the mid-to-low-end product areas with comparative advantages in China, relying on large-scale backbone enterprises to concentrate all kinds of resources and enhance their competitive advantages; combining independent R & D and import substitution with international cooperation in such high-end fields as important raw and auxiliary materials and high-tech packaging machinery , Adhere to the key equipment of the introduction of technology and improve the level of localization, and continuously improve the proportion of own intellectual property rights. Packaging equipment is the basis for the development of packaging industry, its development lags behind at this stage has become the bottleneck of China's packaging industry. We should organize professional and technical forces to tackle special high-performance packaging machinery and develop towards high-tech, multi-variety, multi-skill, multi-specification and mechatronics, increase localization rate, fill the gap in China, strengthen the introduction, digestion and absorption of technology And re-innovation, high-end packaging machinery to achieve import substitution, expand the export of equipment and technology to accelerate the elimination of inefficient equipment.
The second is to adopt high technology to transform existing enterprises, focusing on supporting and cultivating a group of packaging enterprises and packaging enterprise groups so as to bring them as soon as possible in terms of technical equipment, product quality and grade, or reach world advanced level.

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