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Three-dimensional packaging machine working principle and characteristics of a brief introduction
In the domestic packaging industry market is currently the most widely used packaging effect of the most popular packaging machine for the three-dimensional packaging machine, also known as transparent film packaging machine. At the beginning of this century, three-dimensional packaging machine technology is basically a blank. Beginning with the introduction of advanced foreign standards, and then continue to improve and improve according to China's domestic market conditions, making our own independent production of machinery in line with the domestic market development situation, mainly used in medicine, food, health products, cosmetics and various Tobacco and alcohol on the surface of the box, is an ideal cassette three-dimensional packaging equipment.
  Three-dimensional packaging machine works: In the packaging process, three-dimensional packaging machine packaging film cut by a dedicated cutter to meet the requirements of the length of the packaging products, small boxes transported to the intended location by the conveyor, and then wrapped Films and folded envelopes form well-designed package styles. In addition, because the machine does not have a heat-sealing oven such as a heat shrinkable packaging machine to heat the packaged product as a whole, the instant low-temperature package is applied locally so that the entire packaging process does not produce any packaging material in the package The temperature changes, can be a good alternative to shrink packaging machine.
Features: 1, can replace the shrinking packaging machine, more energy saving, good sealing effect, play a "three defenses" role;
2, instant packet, similar to the cold package, the thermal products of some pharmaceuticals will not have the slightest impact.
3, fully automated operation, automatic feeding, stacking, packaging, heat sealing, sorting and counting, production efficiency is extremely high, greatly reducing the labor costs of enterprises;
4, PLC man-machine interface control system, to ensure that the performance of machinery and equipment stable and reliable, more stable operation;
5, humane, intelligent design and operating system, operation, maintenance are more simple;
6, the entire transparent film packaging machine design compact and reasonable, small footprint, free from venue restrictions, can be used in a variety of different specifications of the box packaging, convenient and fast, is a modern enterprise favorite packaging equipment.
Our company produces packaging machinery is the first batch of China's packaging machinery. As early as 2005, we started to research and develop our own machines. At the same time, we have used many foreign high-tech technologies. With years of manufacturing and research and development, our machines are more mature, more attention to quality and customer satisfaction! Machine cost-effective, good quality, fast service!

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