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BTB-200B transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine


This machine is mainly used in health care products, boxed food, cosmetics, audio-visual products, electrical components such as three-dimensional packaging. With anti-counterfeit, moisture-proof, improve product quality and product decoration quality features, is an ideal cassette three-dimensional packaging equipment.
BTB-200B transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine is our own research and development, well-designed, manufactured and launched a new generation of packaging machinery. Innovative design, reasonable structure, handsome in appearance, long service life, stable operation, easy adjustment, simple operation and so on.
The main technical parameters:
Packaging speed
30-60 boxes / minute
Packaging Materials
BOPP film and anti-counterfeit gold cable
Package Size
Length 40-160mm width 20-100mm high 10-60mm
Equipment size
2600 × 730 × 1550
Equipment weight (about)
Total power
220V / (50Hz)

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